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MyWP Orientation Session


MyWP Orientation Session

On 30th May 2021 

from 9.15 AM to approx. 12 Noon (IST)


·        ⚫  An Open, Free-to-attend Online Interactive session

 ·      ⚫  Made specially for Couples in Planning and Expecting stage

 ·      ⚫  Anyone and Everyone is welcome to attend the Orientation.

·        Understand more details about My Wonderful Program

·        Interact with the teachers and have clarity about MyWP

·        Take an informed decision to join MyWP batch


The MyWP Orientation Session is held on Zoom. 

You can join online from anywhere on PC/Mac/Mobile.

You need to register for the session by clicking the link given below.

Fill in the details to complete the automated registration process.

Zoom session details are automatically sent to the email address that you provide.



    1. Please provide a working email address that you can access

            -Because you will receive the link there. 

            -This process is automated. 

            -If you still don't get the link, then it is advisable to re-register

                    ...maybe using a different email ID.

    2. Check your inbox or spam folder after you complete the registration.


See you in the MyWP Orientation Session!

Zoom session registration link: 

For the MyWP Orientation Session to be held on 30th of May 2021.

Click here to register


Copy and paste the link:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Zoom meeting. So please provide a working email address that you can access.





To register for next Orientation to be held on Sunday, 25th July 2021:  

Click here




MyWP Batch Schedule


MyWP Schedule:

*Subject to changes without any notice

Current batch:











Next batch:








Thursday, August 6, 2020

About MyWP (My Wonderful Pregnancy)Program


·        Are you worried about your Pregnancy?

·        Do you suffer from backache, digestion problems and sleeplessness?

·        Are confused about what to eat / what to avoid?

·        Feel concerned about the development of the Baby?

·        Have fear about Normal Delivery?

·        Are puzzled about how to prepare for conception?


Do you want to:

·        Know more about your pregnancy?

·        Give your best to your baby in the womb?

·        Plan for a perfect pregnancy?

·        Have a well developed baby?

·        Make your pregnancy Joyful and Memorable?

·        Make the nine months journey a Wonderful experience?

·        Enhance your role as a father?


If  Yes…. Then we invite you to:

"My Wonderful Pregnancy" (MyWP),

an Online, Antenatal, Holistic, Garbhasanskar Workshop designed especially for:

·        Couples in the PLANNING stage

·        Couples in the PREGNANCY stage


After you attend  the Program you will:

·         Gain the basic medical facts relevant to the Planning & Pregnancy stage.

·         Know inside out about preparation of pregnancy before conception. 

·         Understand the journey of Pregnancy.

·         Start following a Healthy Diet.

·         Learn tools to enhance the Baby's Intelligence.

·         Get to know and practice special Exercises and Yogaasanas.

·         Know the process of Natural Childbirth.

·         Get clarity on Painless Delivery.



·        Gain knowledge directly from the Experts.

·        Shift from Fear of Pregnancy to Enjoying Pregnancy.

·        Easy language, topics made easy by extensive use of Images, Slide show & Videos.

·        Enhancement in your Energy, Confidence & Skills.

·         Beautiful Bonding as a Couple / Family.



Dr. Manisha Joshi:  Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Dr. Abhijit Joshi: Anesthesiologist

Shri. Sameer Naik: Guide, Child - Parent Counselor, Parental Coach, Yoga & Corporate Trainer


Duration: 8 weeks

(excluding Special session to be attended after delivery)


MyWP online batch consists of:

·        Eight sessions on weekends: held once a week.

·        1 Special Session only for Couples in Planning stage on a weekday, typically between the 3rd and 4th sessions.

·        1 Special session to attend after delivery

·        Total 8 + 1* + 1 = 10 Sessions *(1 session only for couples who are planning)


Schedule*Batch Schedule

*Subject to changes without any notice


Schedule of Special Sessions:

·        Session ONLY for couples in Planning stage:   Happens between the 3rd and 4th session on a weekday evening for 2.5-3 hrs.

·        Session to be attended after delivery: as per announcement. Typically happens every 2-4 months.


₹8,000/- per couple as of June-2021 batch.


Other Details and Important Links:

Ø To register for and to attend the Free Orientation/ Introduction session click here:  MyWP Orientation

Ø Testimonials: Click here 

Ø You may also click on the link: Batch Schedule

Ø For registration process for the full program please follow the link: 

    (How to Register for MyWP Full Program

Ø For more details / Contact us at:

Ø  Website: 

Ø  Facebook page: Click here

Ø  Email:  Click here:

Ø  Whatsapp: (+91) 9766495389


-Team My Wonderful Pregnancy

MyWP Orientation Session

  MyWP Orientation Session On 30th May 2021  from 9.15 AM to approx. 12 Noon (IST)   ·         ⚫  An Open, Free-to-attend Online Interact...