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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Experiences Shared by Past Participants and Patients

 Mrs. Prachi Prabhu

If Children are our Angels we need God’s Hand to Deliver them!

I would like to share my Grateful appreciation to Dr. Manisha Joshi for helping me Deliver Normally and giving me the strength and Showing Patience during my labor!

She has guided me through both my pregnancies where I was working till the last day of my 40th week.

Just being in her presence gave me confidence and ‘I Can Do It’ attitude.

I hope new pregnant girls can experience the magic of being under the guidance of Dr. Manisha Joshi.

She gives the Woman’s body a chance to experience Natural Delivery and shows confidence in the strength of the Body.

During 1st Delivery: I had gradual labor pains for nearly 40 hours !. Starting slowly they gradually increased pace, Doctor was checking on my status every few hours and never rushed me. She only pumped my confidence and talked positively and appreciated how naturally my labor was progressing!

During 2nd Delivery: I had completed 40 weeks but there were no signs of labor, After checking me medically and all my vitals were good, Doctor gave a green signal to wait and watch. She did not rush me neither did she tell me that I need to be induced or go through C section.

I finally started getting labor pains after 5 days of waiting, after my 40th week was completed. Doctor again did not rush me/ induce my labor/ told me to get operated. She was very patient. My labor was faster the second time and she guided me through the same without any unnecessary medical interventions!

During both my Pregnancies and Deliveries Dr.Manisha Joshi showed the right path and knowledge to have a Safe Healthy Pregnancy!

There were issues like knot around the neck and stools in the womb during labor but with correct medical knowledge, Doctor handled it without medical interventions.

She has shown extreme patience to all my queries and during my labor too.

Thank You Manisha Ma'am 🙏🙏🙏 


Mrs. Rujuta Kelkar

Hello All,

#longpost #deliveryexperience

Just wanted to share my experience of my delivery. We live in the Netherlands. Since we were overdue by 6 days, we decided to induce labor. Labor induction had to be done by using a foley balloon but while the procedure was underway, my water broke. Pains started about 6 hours after that (9pm). Since we had practiced the positions to be used during labor, we started with them once the pains kicked in. It helped with the pain and opening up my cervix. But by 3am, we decided to take an epidural. By 11am I was in active labor and had the urge of pushing. Passive to active pushing lasted from 11am to 2:45pm. Through all the pain, controlled breathing helped tremendously. My husband was counting and helping me with controlling my breath. I was able to push with all the strength because of controlled breathing. And after doing this until 2:45pm, our darling daughter “Miraya” was born at 2:48pm. The doctors, midwives and the nurses in the hospital complimented us on our team work during my labor.

The moment she was born, she let out only a little cry and the moment she heard my voice and my husband’s voice, she was silent and listening to all we had to say to her. The pediatrician later mentioned “you had a long labor but the first words when your daughter was born were, ‘you are so beautiful’”

Me and our daughter had an immediate skin to skin for more than an hour. By 30th min of her birth, she was sucking on my breast.

Also, throughout my delivery, we had the dawn to night music playing which helped me calm myself down. Even now after delivery, we still put on the music, and our baby loves it.


Some points that I will always remember:

- talking to the baby while in womb helped us build a connection early on and we experienced that right after her birth that she recognized our voices instantly.

- I had always wished that it would snow on the day she would be born, and it did. Quite a lot.

- Controlled breathing helps tremendously during labor and also to calm yourself down after labor as well

- Music distracts you and helps your state of mind.

- Do keep on talking positive to your baby. We still continue to do so after her birth.

- I always visualized my baby to have light brown to grey eyes, and yea, she does.

Overall, MyWP teachings and preachings helped us through the pregnancy and the delivery without having family around. Thank you MyWP.

I hope our experience helps.



Mrs. Shruti and Mr. Bhushan Patil

Hi all,

Shruti & I are blessed as a wonderful soul has chosen us to be his parents! We are excited to announce the birth of our baby boy Archit on April 29th. (Archit – Sanskrit अर्चित. A name of Lord Vishnu. The one with cosmic identity who is worshipped by all). Both, baby Archit & Shruti, are in good health and currently enjoying the new experience!

We would like to thank god for blessing us with parenthood. We would also like to thank family, relatives, friends, and everyone for their blessings and prayers.

Very special thanks to MyWP team, Manisha ma’am and Abhijit sir for guiding us and making the journey of pregnancy and delivery absolutely joyful. Everything went smoothly on the day of the delivery, right from contractions, dilation, normal delivery, breast crawl, skin to skin.. just as we had visioned. Archit’s response two Shruti’s and my voice was incredible! Words cannot express how powerful the experience was!

We are sure all of you and the babies are doing well and enjoying every minute of it!


Shruti and  Bhushan.



Mrs. Pallavi Langare


 My delivery experience-

We decided to change doctor in almost end of 36th week. We could took this decision at such last moment of pregnancy  only because of trust n confidence  on Manisha mam.

On 9th August  night I started with mild contractions. I spend almost 2 hours to  analyse this pain by being in different upright positions before concluding that it's real contractions. As even after two hours contractions were still mild called mam and got admitted. 

As it was first stage of labour I spend maximum time in upright positions along with deep   breathing. Also we applied the acupressure techniques taught in MyWP this time which we somehow missed during first delivery. It worked like a magic even during second stage of labour. I was having pains which were mild (when I compared it with pains I experienced during first delivery). 

It was almost 7 in the morning n I started feeling sleepy then I took nap for 15 -20 mins n then  sitted in relaxed position n was doing deep breathing. I took bath with warm water which helped me to feel fresh.

Around 8.55 am when Dr did internal checkup n immediately shifted me in labour room, where smile on Manisha mam' s face gave me confidence that everything will be fine. she said pallavi it's just matter of 10-15 min... Praveen was with me during this entire process as my great support. 

After shifting in labour room baby was out in just third contraction push which was unbelievable for me. Because when I remembered my first baby forcep was used to bring baby out. Immediately after delivery baby was kept on my chest for breast crawling which was amzing experinece for me. 

Entire delivery experience became so wonderful just because of techniques we learned in MyWP n Manisha mam' s great support.


Mr. Pravin Langare


 Hi all,

Entire event is almost covered by Pallavi, in addition to it I want to share few things from my eyes.

It was our second delivery. And i was lucky enough to be with Pallavi in labor room even for first time. But this time still it was very different and life time experience. I specifically want to share 2 things -

1) During first delivery we somehow had forgotten to use acupressure during labour. But we used it this time and got really superb results of it. Pain was very much bearable till almost end of delivery ( i am saying this even if i was not actually having pains 😜) so we could focus on other aspects like deep breathing and all.

2) And wow what can i say about breast crawling...... During both delivery actually i was lucky to see babies head before pallavi 😜. But thw entire experience took you turn when madam kept our champ on mothers body that skin to skin contact even i could feel through babies eyes. He just waited for few min and the superb natural phenomena started. He started salivating , and started finding something. Then he could touch his source of food and with the help of legs and hand started pushing himself towards it. He literally lifted his neck to reach to target. And then with his right hand again located source and again lifted his neck and finally reached destination.

Complete word to word movements , which we learnt in MyWP.

Complete scene is again going through my eyes while I am writing this.


Really it was possible to experience this wonderful event just because of Manisha madam and Abhijit sirs guidance during MyWP.



Mr. Vinayak Bhandari

Happy to share that my wife Mrs. Dipti Vinayak Bhandari is blessed with a baby boy on 22nd Ganesh Chaturthi day.

We are really thankful to MyWP as the breath holding technique really supported the mother at the time of pain.

Thanks to Manisha mam and Abhijit Sir and Sameer Sir...



Mrs. Priya Shah

हे ते, असं तसं, this that

एखादा नवीन ड्रेस घेताना आपण केवढा रिसर्च करतो ना. अमेझॉन, फ्लिपकार्ट, लक्ष्मी रोड, FB ग्रुप्स, सगळं नुसतं जंग जंग पछाडतो! हवा तो रंग, टिकाऊ कापड, कमीत कमी रेट, डिस्काऊंट्स, उत्तम रिटर्न पॉलिसी.... आखूड शिंगी, बहू गुणी, बहू दूधी! हो किनई! 🤗

मग एक नवा जीवच या जगात डाउनलोड 📥 करायचा असेल, तर रिसर्च अँड डेव्हलपमेंट करायला नको? का नुसतं सिनेमात दाखवतात तसं बेडरूममध्ये एका गुटगुटीत बाळाचा फोटो लावला की झालं सगळं? 🪆जगाचं रहाटगाडगं चालूच राहील, पण हे ९ महिने परत येणार आहेत का? आणि पूर्वी या गोष्टी सहज होऊन जायच्या, पण आजकाल त्या जाणीवपूर्वक कराव्या लागतात. कारण, 'शुद्धबीजा पोटी। फळे रसाळ गोमटी।।'🥑

आपल्यातल्या प्रत्येक वूड बी आई बाबांना अगदी "शर्मा जी का बेटा" टाईप्स, म्हणजेच तेजस्वी, सुदृढ, बुद्धिमान आणि सुसंस्कारी मूल हवे असते. 👶🏻 आणि आज तर विज्ञानानेही प्रूव्ह केलंय ना की पोटातील बाळसुद्धा शिकते व त्यास स्मृती असते; आणि म्हणून, त्यावर जन्मपूर्व संस्कार करता येतात.

आमच्या पहिल्या वादळाच्या जन्माच्या वेळी सुद्धा मी गर्भसंस्कार मनापासून केले होते. आणि त्याचा रिझल्ट कमाल भारी आहे माझ्यासाठी तरी! आणि आता दुसऱ्यावेळी, सहा वर्ष नंतर पुन्हा ते पॅम्पर्ड दिवस अनुभवायची वेळ आली. आमच्या धाकट्या जाऊबाई जोरात ना आलेल्या सुंदर अनुभवातून मी ही डॉ. मनीषा जोशी आणि डॉ. अभिजित जोशी यांचा SSY च्या तत्वांवर आधारित, पण त्यापेक्षाही सर्व दृष्टीने जास्त सर्वसमावेशक असा My Wonderful Pregnancy हा वर्कशॉप जॉईन केला. 👩🏻‍️👨🏻‍

दाम्पत्यांनी अटेंड करण्यासाठी मस्त डिटेल ८ सेशन्स! त्यामध्ये प्रेग्नेन्सीचे / गर्भातील बाळाच्या वाढीचे टप्पे, आई बाबा आणि पूर्ण कुटुंबाचे गर्भाशी बॉन्डिंग, गर्भाशी गप्पा, मेडिटेशन, संगीत, योगासने, गरोदरपणातील प्रार्थना, ओम मंत्रोच्चारातील शक्ती, प्रेग्नेन्सीच्या पूर्ण जर्नीचे आणि जन्माचा क्षण यांचे पूर्ण व्हिझुएलायझेशन आणि व्हिडीओज, जन्माच्या वेळी करण्यासारखे व्यायाम आणि ऍक्युप्रेशर ची प्रॅक्टिस, भारतीय संस्कृतीप्रमाणे ९ महिने पाळायचे डाएट, न्यूट्रिशन आणि रेसिपी डिटेल्स, एक्झॅक्ट लेबरची / बाळंतपणाची लक्षणे आणि स्टेजेस, हॉस्पिटलमध्ये कधी जायचे, जाताना न्यायच्या वस्तू, बाळंपणादरम्यान करायच्या ब्रिदींगचे व्यायाम, नॉर्मल डिलिव्हरीसाठी प्रयत्न, सी सेक्शनची माहिती, नो गिल्ट अटीट्युड, जन्मानंतर ताबडतोब स्तनपान, जन्मानंतर शारीरिक आणि भावनिक रिकव्हरी, असे एक ना दोन... असंख्य विषयाची जंत्रीच जणू! 📚

हा वर्कशॉप 🤰🏻🧍🏻 जोडप्यांसाठी गर्भधारणेपूर्वीच किंवा गरोदरपणाच्या कोणत्याही महिन्यात जॉईन करता येतो. मेडिटेशन आणि योगासने पण जोडीने करणे उत्तम! आणि डॉक्टरांच्या मदतीने आम्ही ते सक्सेसफ़ुल्ली करू शकलो. आणि ऍज एक्सपेक्टेड, आमच्या श्रीमंतांनी पण बहुमोल वेळ आणि प्रचंड भारी मानसिक इन्व्हॉलमेंट दिली बरं का! कारण जो बिवीसे करे प्यार, वो मेडिटेशन से कैसे करे इन्कार??🧘🏻🧘🏻‍♂️

प्रेग्नेन्सीतील डाएट आणि व्यायामाने मला माझ्यात प्रचंड स्ट्रेंथ आणि उत्साह जाणवायचा. जराही शरीराचे अवघडलेपण वाटायचे नाही. अगदी दररोज अर्धा तास 'डक वॉक' म्हणजेच squats 🏋🏻‍♀️ सारखे व्यायाम, मर्कटासन, मार्जारासन, चक्कीचलनासन असे ऍबडॉमेन च्या मसल्सना मजबूत करणारे व्यायाम मी डिलिव्हरीच्या दिवसापर्यंत करू शकले. इतकेच नव्हे तर लॉकडाउनमुळे बाहेर वॉकला जाता यायचे नाही. पण घरी फ्लॅटमध्येच आम्ही अक्षरशः रोज तासभर पूर्ण फॅमिली 'लगोरी' खेळायचो. माझा उत्साह बघून तर कोणाला वाटणार पण नाही मी प्रेग्नेंट आहे. अगदी हॉस्पिटलला जायच्या दोन तास आधी सुद्धा आम्ही 'लगोरी' खेळलोच!

या वर्कशॉपचे रुटीन दररोज नेटानं फॉलो केल्यामुळ, लॉकडाउन असूनसुद्धा हे ९ महिने माझ्यासाठी आणि पूर्ण कुटुंबासाठीच प्रचंड उत्साहानं भरलेले आणि आनंदी ठरले. शेवटी माझी डिलिव्हरी पण डॉ. मनीषा मॅडम कडेच असल्यामुळे फारच कंफर्टेबल वाटत होते. जवळजवळ १७ तासांच्या लेबर नंतर शेवटच्या क्षणाला जेव्हा माझे सी सेक्शन करायचे ठरले, तेव्हाही मॅडमनी खूप छान धीर दिला. शिकलेला 'नो गिल्ट अटीट्युड' फारच उपयोगी आला.

आणि या सगळ्या नौलेज बरोबरच अभिजित सर आणि मनीषा मॅडम, प्रत्येक शास्त्राचं लॉजिक पण खूप छान सांगायचे. अगदी वामकुक्षी म्हणजे काय, का? इथंपासून ते प्रत्येक योगासनाचा इतिहास भूगोल सांगायचे. वर्कशॉप झाल्यानंतर तर या विषयावर अक्षरशः Ph.D. झाल्यासारखा कॉन्फिडन्स आला.😎

आणि सगळ्यात महत्वाचं म्हणजे डॉ. मनीषा मॅडम नि सांगितल्याप्रमाणे डिलिव्हरी नंतरच्या सहा महिन्यांपर्यंत सगळ्या आयर्न, व्हिटॅमिनच्या गोळ्या 💊 खाणे कन्टीन्यु ठेवले (जे बाळ आल्यानंतर आपण बायका नक्की विसरतो). नियमित गोळ्या आणि व्यायामामुळे, आता सात महिने झाले, पण सी सेक्शन नंतर सुद्धा पाठ कंबर दुखीचा त्रास थोडाही जाणवत नाही.

एकूण काय, मुलं जन्माला आल्यानंतर लाखो रुपये आणि त्यांना सुसंस्कृत करण्यासाठी प्रचंड वेळ खर्च करूनसुद्धा आपण जे देऊ शकणार नाही, असे बरेच काही या वर्कशॉपमधून भरभरून दिलं जातंय. नक्की घ्या! थँक यू मनीषा मॅडम आणि अभिजित सर! 👏🏻
प्रिया उत्कर्ष शहा. 💓



Mr. Dipesh Oswal

With the WONDERFUL Guidance.


On the Birth Date Of A WONDERFUL Person Dr. Manisha Mam We AnkuDip are blessed with a WONDERFUL Princess...


By WONDERFUL Normal Delivery...











Mr. Saurabh Bhamare

Our experience with MyWP was really great. It helped us a lot to understand the scientific and spiritual approaches during the whole process.


Initially our treating Dr said that baby will require NICU admission as she is weak and has 2 loops of umbilical cord around her neck and we will have to opt for C-section for the said reasons. We consulted Manisha madam about the complication. She went through the reports and guided us very well and insisted to go for normal delivery.

We followed all that techniques, exercises and our birth plan religious that was taught during the MyWP course. We had set a very clear vision of normal delivery.


During our last OPD consultation Dr  informed us that we will have to go for c-section after couple of days. However, in the early morning of 10th Jan Neha went into labor and we rushed to the hospital. Same Dr examined Neha and said she can deliver normally and even baby will not require NICU admission. I was also allowed to enter the labour room as per my request. I was with Neha all the time till she delivered. Neha & I were talking in the labor room about our baby, post delivery. We got discharged from hospital after 2 days as it was normal delivery. Both baby and Neha are fine and doing good.


We followed all that was taught in the course, from food to exercise to vision.

Dr. Manisha madam's guidance was really helpful and gave us lot of support when we wanted to decide about normal delivery/C-section. Dr. Abhijit Sir's guidance was equally helpful in preparing the vision board and staying focused.


Once again many thanks to Manisha madam and Abhijit Sir for this informative and very helpful course because of which we truly had a Wonderful Pregnancy experience. 


Now enjoying sleepless nights and spending quality time with all the family members.



Mrs. Sneha Agarwal

#late post

 Hi guys, we are blessed with baby boy👼 🎉🎉on

4th jan 2021


We are so happy that we have been taken care of all those things taught by Dr. Manisha Joshi and Dr. Abhijit Joshi. Thank you ma'am, thank you so much for such a wonderful pregnancy and delivery experience.  Now, we are also having a great experience during the post-delivery period with the baby.

Thank you so much Sir. Thank you so much Mam.


Mam, you have cooperated with me so well. I have been going through so much difficult experiences during my third trimester, but you counselled me so well. I was so relaxed after talking to you after  those things happened. My Wonderful Pregnancy program has helped me tremendously.



Mr. Nikhil Pawar

Hello Everyone,

We are very happy to announce that we are blessed with a baby girl😍👶🏻🥲on 18th December.

Actually 12th Dec was Supriya's due date. After passing that date I went through the acupressure techniques mentioned in the MyWP program book and used those to start labor pains.


At late night of 17th December  contractions started. Then we informed that to Manisha mam. She said that is fine. And update me next morning. At morning of 18th pain became frequent. Mam asked us to get admitted.


We had already visited the hospital (Meera hospital) so nothing was new for us. Supriya got admitted around 7am. She was using deep breathing technique. Doctors and nurses were continuously checking her and kept mam updated with current conditions. At that time cervix was 2-3 cm dilated. But baby was still not in correct position. I was rubbing her back and boosting her moral. I was repeating our vision about normal delivery.


Till 4pm cervix size was about 5-6 cm. Now labor pain became too frequent and for longer duration. I urged Supriya to walk and sit on a chair to maintain upright position. She somehow managed to do that. Around 6.30pm doctors moved her to the labour room. I had already asked mam to allow me in there. Mam called me to be in the labour room. Now duration of her pain was more than relaxation.


Mam also allowed me to keep my mobile phone with me. I was playing songs and the MyWP music on my mobile which we regularly listened before. I was cheering Supriya and applying some pain relief techniques which we learnt at MWP. Mam gave an inspirational speech to Supriya and asked her to make use of contractions. Mavshi and nurses  helped Supriya.


With their guidance,  Supriya, uterus and our baby worked together and at 8.22pm Supriya managed to push baby at a position where mam could pull out the baby. That was a miraculous movement for me🤩. After that cord was clamped. Mam put our baby on Supriya's chest. And another miracle happened. Baby was crawling towards breast. Baby and Supriya both were fine. We both were smiling and talking to the baby.


I am really thankful to Manisha Mam for her support and guidance throughout planning to delivery phase. And also thankful to my friends Tejaswini and Chaitanya Naik for suggesting us to join the MyWP Program. I am also happy that we choose Meera Hospital, where all the staff are cooperative and all facilities are available.

I really enjoyed each and every moment of our Wonderful Pregnancy 🥰💕



Mr. Sandeep Kamble

Dear all,


On 29th Nov 2020, we were blessed with the arrival of Kanha, our baby boy.


I would like to thank the MyWP team  for making our 9 months journey special and smoother for us (Pooja and Sandeep).



Mr. Yuvraj Bhosale

Wonderful...! Prachi, thanks yet again for sharing your experience...


It is so important to share the goodness & kind experiences...


Only because of you  - we also dared to change our Gynecologist in the 39th week of pregnancy last time. This time, we are blessed to be under Manisha Mam's guidance throughout and we know all's gonna be brilliant 😊😊😊


Thanks to you and Manisha Ma'am😊



Mrs. Fiona &            Mr. Gaurav Dhusia


We are blessed with baby boy today.... Thanks a lot to Dr Manisha Joshi Madam and her team, because of her it went so smoothly and normally...


Mrs. Aditi Kulkarni

Thank you Manisha mam for the remarkable care you gave me and my baby on 1st of October. It was a moment where every women is a bit nervous, but I could sense I was in very capable hands. You will never know how much that means to me. We always will be thankful to you, for giving us such a beautiful feeling to be a parent. Thank you mam and sir .💐 Happy gurupurnima.



Mr. Praveen Langare

We (Advait, Pallavi and Praveen) are very happy to announce the arrival of our new family member. Yesterday we were blessed with a baby boy.

It's was a normal delivery and really a great experience.

Thanks a lot to Manisha madam and Abhijit sir (though the word thanks is not enough) for their guidance. Without who our journey would have been totally different.



Mrs. Manali Shah

Every new baby in the group reminds me of my joyous pregnancy .

In gratitude with MyWP, Manisha mam and Abhijit sir😊



Mrs. Prachi Prabhu

Congrats to both of u...

Only lucky people who have done the course of MyWP can have such wonderful experience ...others are just unknown about such facts...👌🏻👌🏻👍🏼



Mr. Giridhar Prabhu

Congratulations Pallavi and Praveen !!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. I could recollect Chaitanya's birth which was 2 years back on a rainy July evening. We also changed our doctor in the 37/38 the week. MyWP is an enriching and revolutionary experience as to what I hear from anyone else who have experienced pregnancy/delivery without MyWP.


Mrs. Warsha Agarwal

Garbhasanskar (MYWP) really works.

My little angle started walking in just 9 months.

In just 10 months she started saying word "ma", "pa", "bha" means bhayya,  "da" means dadi.

She is very intelligent and has excellent grasping capabilities...



Mrs. Manali Shah

Every couple has inspiring  stories...feeling really amazing.

Sharing of joyous experiences...

We too changed our Gynaec after 8th month and that was a life changing decision.

My husband could witness my entire Natural Delivery and the baby's Breast Crawl. Thank you Dr.Manisha Mam.



Dr. Ajit Dengle (Physician)

Trupti and me are blessed with a baby boy..😇

Both are fine..

Was a normal delivery..

Special Thanks to Joshi Mam and Sir 🙏 😊



Mr. Praveen Langare

Wish you many many happy returns of the day Manisha madam.💐. And many thanks to your parents who gave birth to a child who is helping so many couples to give natural birth of new generation as well as helping so many couples in understanding real meaning of pregnancy and parenthood.



Mr. Pankaj Jagshettiwar

Because of Manisha Mam, our pregnancy and delivery process happened hassle free and smooth♥♥

Loads of thanks to you and your team!!


The beautiful experience of giving birth became more joyful and the most memorable with the MyWP techniques..🙏🏻



Mrs. Madhura Palsule

I am very grateful to have you as my guru. Happy Guru Purnima to Abhijit Sir & Manisha Mam.



Mrs. Shital Jadhav

Remembering our own powerful and empowering delivery experience...Every MyWP couple has a wonderful experience of pregnancy and delivery...



Mr. Puneet & Mrs. Naina Jaiswal

We are blessed with a healthy Baby Boy...

Feeling On top of the World...


Thanks to Manisha Maam  &  Abhijit Sir.







































































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